Identity and address verification

Стадии верификации Перечень документов
Требуемые документы для верификации:
1.Identity proof Optionally:
‣ ID card (both sides without cutted sides in high quality);
‣ Color photos of the passport - the first and second page (a photo of a full pages without cut sides in high quality with readable contents);
1.1. Additional proof of identity *
* - at the request of the support service.
Фотография с паспортом

‣Selfie with your passport or ID-card in your hand.
2. Address proof: Required (depending on the document):
‣ The bank statement with your name and address;
‣ utility bill (for gas, water or electricity);
3.Card proof Optionally:
‣ The bank statement with your name, address and your card number;
‣ If on your card has a name, photo of the front side of your card with hidden middle of card number (first and last 4 numbers must be visible) by physical subject (pencil, cut of paper etc.);
‣ Screenshot from online-banking with your name and your card number (necessarily there is must to be web-address of online-banking page);

Document uploaded for verification should contain following information:

1. Issuing country
2. Identity document serial number
3. Document issue date
4. Expiration date
5. Gender
6. First name
7. Last Name
8. Date of birth
9. Place of birth
10. Registration address

In case your ID card doesn't contain field "Registration address" client should provide bank statement or utility bill for his name and address instead.

Utility bill/bank statement should satisfy the following conditions:

1.Document should be a copy of paper (not online) bill
2.Document should be issued in the name of the user
3.Document should contain user address
4.Document should contain date (for the last 3 months).

Pay attention that copies should be in good resolution (300dpi at least), colorful, and in English or bilingual. Also, files should be less than 3 MB and in jpeg, png, or pdf format.

AttentionIn case You are a verified user You should use Your personal bank account for International wire transfers. If You are going to use a corporate account You should provide following documents instead of address verification:

‣ Certificate of Incorporation;
‣ Share Certificate;
‣ Company registration address certificate.