How to make an exchange at your site?

There are some types of exchange on the website and the process depends on payment systems. Please check there for instructions.

Is it necessary to register?

It is not necessary to register in the system. However, after registration and verification of the account you will have an access to the next transactions:
‣ you will be able to control your order status in your personal account;
‣ you will be able to check transactions history;
‣ withdraw funds to bank Visa and Mastercard USD/EUR cards;
‣ withdraw funds via Wire Transfer USD/EUR;
‣ deposit funds via Wire Transfer USD/EUR.

How can I check my order status?

It is possible to check order status in you account History for registered users.
Please use Check order status link if you have no account on our website.

Is it possible to convert the bigger amount than the available reserve stated on the website?

Yes, it is possible. In order to do that you should contact support via Online chat in working hours and discuss the details with operator. Other time you may use a Reserve Notification.

I faced a problem while carrying out the exchange, what should I do?

If the exchange failed (usually it happens if our customers have got unstable Internet connection) contact us using details on the Contacts page and state the following:

1. Exchange date and time;
2. Exchange direction and sum;
3. The operation number is absolutely required.

When do I receive funds on my card?

It takes 3-6 business days for USD and EUR payments. It takes about 1 business day or less to get payment in UAH on Ukrainian bank card or account.

I accidentally closed the browser window. How can I continue working with my order?

After you had created the order the system has sent you a letter with the link for further work with the order. Look into your mailbox and use that link.

Can I decline the conversion, if I've already paid the order?

Yes, you can, if your order is not completed yet. Your currency units less the fee of the system through which the payment was processed will be returned, that is the money will be refunded to your account.

I transferred the currency units manually to your purse in order to pay the order, but I didn't receive the responsive payment!

Attention! Never transfer the currency units directly to purses. While making the orders for conversion and withdrawal pay only the invoices automatically generated by the system. If you make the direct payment to our purse your currency units won't be accepted and processed by the system and your order will remain unpaid.

I've entered incorrect account details and didn't receive currency units, what should I do?

Unfortunately we are not able to return your currency units. The only thing we can do for you is that we can inform you about the account details your funds were transferred to. Be attentive while entering the data!

Why can't I see any numbers in summary settlement after the order is made?

Probably the necessary information wasn't fully loaded by the browser or the most common reason is that JavaScript is disabled in your web browser (it should be enabled by default). In first case refresh the page and wait till it is fully loaded, in second case adjust browser settings appropriately.

How to calculate the amount that I will receive on account/card/wallet?

Amount to receive including all fees is calculated automatically after filling the field "Send". Rates can be found above the exchange form and our fees are situated in relevant section of the Main menu.

Why don't You have any discounts?

We always set the most favorable rates and fees on our website so that our clients are able to exchange with minimal expenses.