Private debit card

Plastic card

Plastic debit card is a prepaid USD debit card. Pursuant to the policy of issuing this card can be issued only for individuals. You can order three plastic card.

Plastic debit card

Fast and comfortable Card balance Speed
Quick and easy fund's withdrawal from electronic payment systems. Balance check via АТМ. Card depositing within 10 minutes.
Purchases Fee Cash in ATM
Free POS-transactions (paying in retails). Free annual service. Cashing through ATMs that accept MasterCard.

Virtual card

Virtual debit card

Virtual card is also a prepaid USD debit card. Unlike Unlike plastic card you can order any number of virtual cards. Virtual cards can be both allowing depositing and not allowing depositing (they are deposited only once).

Fast and comfortable Safety Term of use
Easy and rapid withdrawal of funds. Safe online payments. Possibility to choose a period of validity of a card (1, 3, 6 or 12 months).
Fee Speed
Free annual service. Card depositing within 10 minutes.

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