Withdraw account via Western Union

Western Union company has been founded in 1851 in the Olbany, NY, USA as the telegraph network operator. Starting from October, 1871 enterprise has launched the new service of instant money transfers based on the most extended net in the United States. This specific option later allowed Western Union to enter the XXI century in the list of the 500 largest US companies by total revenue. Payment system has more than 500 000 offices in 200 countries worldwide, being the greatest provider of global money transfers. According to year 2015 financial results, WU has transferred funds for the total amount of more than 150 billion USD.

Money transfer service provided by Western union is probably the most convenient for users all over the world. The reason is the multiple of factors:
1) Accessability: offices and agent locations for transfers sending/receipt are located in almost every part of the globe, for example in the closest bank office. Moreover transfer sending services are successfuly integrated in online banking services of the plenty of the world's largest financial institutions. This allows tp send the payment staying in the own block or home.
2) Performance: the speed of Western Union system is limited only with the Internet capacity. Transfer becomes available in just 15 miutes after it's been sent in average.
3) Security: the receiver should proof his identity with a document to release the payment as soon as all the transfers are nominal. Furthermore, "Control Question-Control Answer" familiar only to sender and receiver option is an extra way to avoid illegal funds assumption.

Nevertheless, Western Union instant money transfer service has the number of shortcomings. First of all, the charge for the transfer is rather high for the most regions. In case the small amount is sent, the total fee can reach 15-20%. Secondly, company doesn't guarantee goods delivery that has been prepaid through Western Union, so it's quite dangerous to pay the purchase in online shops through WU transfer. The service cautions it's clients from sending the transfers to untrusted parties.

Online e-currency exchange service 24pay.me provides the option of funds withdrawal from Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e, eCoin.eu, Perfect Money and OKPay wallets by means of Western Union Mone transfer. It's the fastest way of cashing funds out, and it's a useful way for those who need to pay somebody offline urgently. Such transfer is ready for receipt within just 2-3 business hours after the order is created and paid. Also we can offer you other ways of e-currencies withdrawal, for example on Visa/Mastercard bank cards or MoneyGram money transfer.