Withdraw funds on Visa/Mastercard card

You can withdraw funds from your Perfect Money, OKPAY, BTC-E, BitCoin, eCoin.eu accounts to your Visa/Mastercard card. You can make such an exchange from almost every country. Funds will appear on your account in 3-6 business days. Withdrawal of e-currency to Visa/Mastercard is available to registered clients with verified identity and address.

Before making withdrawal to card we strongly recommend to find out in your bank:

- if the card is reloadable;
- if the card can be funded from another bank;
- if your bank accepts payments that are sent as a refund (this is the payment method of our payment processor).

Withdrawal to Maestro cards, UWCFS, Payza and Payoneer cards is impossible. Withdrawal to debit cards that are proposed by the financial services is not recommended.

Withdrawal funds to cards issued in following countries is impossible:

- Afghanistan
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Burundi
- Central African Republic
- Congo DR
- Cuba
- Equador
- Eritrea
- Ethiopia
- Guinea
- Guinea-Bissau
- Guyana
- Iran
- Iraq
- Ivory Coast
- Kenia
- Lao DPR
- Lebanon
- Liberia
- Libya
- Myanmar
- North Korea (DPRK)
- Sao Tome and Principe
- Somalia
- Sudan
- Syria
- Tanzania
- Tunisia
- Uganda
- Vanuatu
- Viet Nam
- Western Sahara
- Yemen
- Zimbabwe

Withdrawal to non-USD card causes conversion that is done by beneficiary bank according to the current bank rate.

In addition to our fee, our bank fee will be taken from you. Bank commission depends on currency and card type:

- Visa/MC USD - 1.5%+7.5 USD;
- Visa/MC EUR - 1.5%+6 EUR;

Funds will appear on your card in 3-6 business days.

You can withdraw following e-currencies to your Visa/Mastercard card:

Perfect Money USD Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
OKPay USD Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
BTC-e code USD Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
e-Coin.eu code USD Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
Bitcoin Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
Litecoin Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD

All exchange directions fees