Perfect Money payment system

Perfect Money is an anonymous payment system and also e-currency. This system has useful tools for payments between clients. The value of balance turnovers as well as the period of registration do not affect the privileges of using the opportunities of the system. Perfect Money system has powerful toolset that was developed for modern IT-business:

  • - convenient and detailed reports of financial operations;
  • - system of automatic recurrent payment set up;
  • - center of individual Support of Perfect Money business customers;
  • - affiliate program;
  • - reliable and secure Perfect API Merchant.

    Don't forget that this payment system takes care of its clients security, for that reason a lot of services was developed:

  • SMS Authentication: This service is used for creating connection between the client account and his mobile number to which the System sends a confirmation code to identify the real account owner. SMS Login tool is the most perfect and reliable method of client protection from a non-authorized account entrance because the time spent on the whole operation of the code exchange and its entering into account is extremely short and insufficient for a hacking operation;

  • Identity Check: This tool is used for identification of a PM account owner. If the client authentication is performed from the net or subnet of IP addresses that are not related to the account owner, the system blocks the entrance to the account;

  • CodeCard Protection: One more additional method to protect client's account, client gets a card with a graphic picture of the code sent to his e-mail address. To confirm the transaction the system sends to client an inquiry on a random order delivery of the definite code from that card.

    Perfect Money fee system:

    Added to balance 4% per year
    Internal transfers Verified account 0.5%
    Unverified account 1.99%
    Security fees:
    SMS Notification $0.1
    Annual Service $0
    Account Restoration $100

    Using our service you can buy, sell, or exchange Perfect Money via different directions. It is possible to exchange Perfect Money to Visa/MC, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BTC-E,, FasaPay, Alipay, Unionpay or Paypal.

    Moreover, you can fund or withdraw PM account via Wire transfer. You can find more information here. To make this kind of exchange, you should verify your personal account.

    Please contact our support, if you have any questions concerning exchange, selling, or buying Perfect Money, and we will help you.

    The most popular exchange directions:

    Perfect Money USD Exchange to Bitcoin
    Perfect Money USD Exchange to BTC-e code USD
    Perfect Money USD Exchange to PayPal USD
    Perfect Money USD Exchange to Visa/Mastercard USD
    Perfect Money USD Exchange to Western Union USD

    All exchange directions fees