Cryptocurrency LiteCoin

LiteCoin is cryptocurrency and it was created in 2011. Together with BitCoin, this currency does not have single administrator or central repository. Initially LiteCoin was intended and made as aleternative to BitCoin. In LiteCoin network a block is processed every 2.5 minutes and in Bitcon's one 10 minutes.

You can exchange LiteCoin to BitCoin, fiat currencies or other e-currencies via special marketplaces or exchangers. With LiteCoin it is also possible to pay for goods and services.

You can exchange LiteCoin to following payment systems units:

Litecoin Exchange to Qiwi USD
Litecoin Exchange to Perfect Money USD
Litecoin Exchange to BTC-e USD
Litecoin Exchange to OKPay USD
Litecoin Exchange to PayPal USD
Litecoin Exchange to USD

Available withdrawal directions for LiteCoin:

Litecoin Withdraw on Visa/Mastercard USD
Litecoin Withdraw on Wire Transfer USD
Litecoin Withdraw on Western Union USD
Litecoin Withdraw on MoneyPolo USD