Freelance practice. Pros and cons of remote employment

The times when more and more workers want to earn money independently of managers, work schedules and fixed salary have come. A lot of people are trying to start their own businesses, others join the network marketing or try to explore the sphere of investments and so on.

Actually, there is a lot of work in the Web, however there are much more scammers waylaying those beginners who want to earn quickly and easily. They deceive the easy money lovers, who are not rare among us. If you want to make money without risks or expendings then you should try to join the freelance. For sure this is not suitable for everyone, but you worth a try.

What actually freelance is?


Freelancing is the outsourced job that doesn't involve job contract signing. For example the customer needs to fill in the website with a contant and optimize it for the search engines. He looks for an executor who will perform his order within a certain time period and for discussed remuneration. Both parties are interested in such cooperation. Customer doesn't need to pay salary to the employee even in periods when he is not involved in the process. The executor is free to switch between different projects as soon as not bounded to the only empleyer.

Everyone regardless of specialization can be a freelancer - teachers, engineers, architectors, designers, translators. This list contains dozens of roles. Everybody can find a job if he has an aspiration.

Pros sides of freelancing

Probably the greatest positive side of being a freelancer is that you're free the choose the work time and place. You have no schedule, no manager, there's no need to awake at 5 AM to be in time at the railway. You are free to choose those orders that is your strong side, and to organize the workplace you like.

A freelancer who works through the web has no necessity to meet the customer personally, he can do it online. There are also no problems with the wage. Money can be transferred to your bank or any payment system account. Nowadays the online platforms that perform the settlements in Bitcoin also become popular.

There's no one to fire or fine you. All in all you are your own master.

Cons sides of freelancing

Unfortunately, it's not so rosy as it may seem. Freelance beginner doesn't have a client base, he is fameless, so the problems with orders getting are inevitable. Even if you manage to find one, there's no guarantee that a customer would be honest and pay the discussed price.

Moreover freelance work is often unstable, as soon as many factors influence it, like seasonality, service market change, new technologies development and so on. It's necessary to keep abreast and pace with the time in order the customers always choose you. Freelancer can't sit back and stop qualifying because he is always pursued by rivals. You should be constantly informed to be the first.

What to do?

If you want to be demanded specialist in freelance market you should follow several advices:

  • ‣ Get involved only those practices that you can do best. In such case you won't miss something important and will be informed about any updates about the topic.
  • ‣ Don't try to grasp everything, but do your own task only.
  • ‣ Always train your self discipline
  • ‣ Use only the trusted freelance marketplaces that can play as a warrantor between you and customer. This will help to keep away from scammers.
  • ‣ Get ready to adopt to situation in the services market, be disciplined and prompt.

Whether you work for the future, earn a customer base and develop the permanent order flow, it will be possible to reach the income level that is times greater than that of work per salary in similar specialty.