EgoPay payment system

Brief description of the EgoPay system

EgoPay is payment system that was created buy in July 2012, registered in Belize. This payment system was created as subsidiary from Payza. Provides usual for all payment systems services: funding/withdrawal, internal transfers, EUR/USD exchange etc. EgoPay account is e-mail address.

Unfortunately, this payment system hasn't succeeded among it's competitors in the world market and doesn't provide it's services no more.

System has following features:

  • - instant internal transactions;
  • - multiple wallets system;
  • - easy to deposit/withdraw through Payza and Okpay accounts;
  • - 24/7 customer support;
  • - affiliate program;

EgoPay system fees

Internal fee:
Personal account 1.5%+0.25$
Business account 2.5%+0.25$
Exchanger 1.5%+0.25$
From Payza account 2.7%+0.25$ (can take 2 business days)
From Okpay account 0.5% (instant)
To Payza account: 2% (can take 2 business days)
To Okpay account: 2% (can take 2 business days)

Fees for funding/withdrawal can be changed by EgoPay system, you can check current fees in your EgoPay account.

Transferring EgoPay funds to exchanger's account either manually or through merchant can take from several minutes to 1 week, because of EgoPay security system check up.