Withdraw funds on China UnionPay cards

You can withdraw funds from your Perfect Money, OKPAY, BTC-E, BitCoin, eCoin.eu accounts to your China UnionPay card. Funds will appear on your card the same day the payment was sent. This exchange allows CUP cardholders to receive funds without registration on 24pay.me.

Withdrawal funds to cards issued in following countries is impossible:

- Republic of Korea (DPRK)
- Ecuador
- Ethiopia
- Iran
- Iraq
- Ivory Coast
- Kenya
- Hong Kong
- Myanmar
- Pakistan
- Sao Tome and Principe
- Syria
- Tanzania
- Vietnam
- Yemen
- Taiwan

You can withdraw following e-currencies to your China UnionPay card:

Perfect Money USD Exchange to China UnionPay CNY
OKPay USD Exchange to China UnionPay CNY
BTC-e USD Exchange to China UnionPay CNY
E-coin.eu USD Exchange to China UnionPay CNY
Bitcoin Exchange to China UnionPay CNY
Litecoin Exchange to China UnionPay CNY

Brief Description of China UnionPay Card System

China UnionPay was firstly launched by Dai Xianglong in March 26, 2002. It represents itself, as a card system that has more than 420 domestic associate members.

For more than 10 years of its existence China UnionPay has become the central part of whole China’s bankcard industry. Moreover, this card system posesses a key role in the industry development. First of all because it operates so-called inter-bank transaction settlement and in that way its place has connection between different banking systems. This type of cards can be used by members of more than 120 countries. It makes it the second-largest payment network after Visa if we consider it in the value of transactions which were previously performed.

What UnionPay Online Payment means? It was made, first of all for those users who want to use their finances so convenient as it is possible. Nowadays, UnionPay online payment system can support cards issued by more than 175 financial institutions. To use this kind of payments customers should select this type system as a main payment method. After this, they will be redirected to the page of UnionPay, where they will be able to complete their transactions. The payment should be completed within 30 minutes, otherwise it will be simply canceled. It may happen so that the payments can not be carried out because of number of reasons. Sometimes it may occur when online payments are forbidden for specific card or due to absence of the appropriate software installed for online payments. In any of the above cases contacting a bank support can solve the issue.

CUP bank card system has special QuickPass system, that alows its users to pay for their purchases without any contact. So in that case, it is similar to payWave, made by Visa. However, QuickPass can't operate on a trust-based system and it can be considered as their main difference. Despite the fact that IC cards were made to provide security, they are also needed for those users, who want to have even more functionality. Of course, method that is used to store information in IC card is completely different from simple credit cards. In traditional credit cards magnetic tape is applied, that is needed for storage of some information while IC card uses some kind of chip that can store really large amount of different information directly on the card. Moreover, IC chip can even perform some kind of mathematical calculations, so in this way we can quite confidently say that the card can perform many calculations just like a computer. Also, those types of cards that have an IC chip are very difficult to counterfeit or even decrypt, so in that way it makes them the best choice for those individuals who care about their safety.

UnionPay ranked first in the world in the number of issued cards, the total emission of UnionPay cards in the world reached 3.4 billion cards. Since September 2013 UnionPay has come to Russia. By the end of 2014 Laytbank, Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank and even some others have started to issue cards China UnionPay.