Major cryptocurrency stocks

In order to trade and exchange e-currencies among themselves or fiat money special online services has been founded called cryptocurrency stocks.

There are two basic types of stock markets:
- Those allowing the exchange of e-money to national currencies of various countries;
- Those allowing to exchange and trade only between digital currencies.

This articles gives a short review about 4 greatest e-currencies stock markets: BitFinex, BitStamp, and BTC-e.


Bitfinex stock

Provides trading in USD / LTC, USD / ETH, USD / ETC, LTC / BTC, ETH / BTC and ETC / BTC currency pairs. Input and output currency transactions are carried out only after the user's identity verification, which is carried out by means of documents that have legal effect (eg passport).

Exchange provides several options for working with for its users:
- Margin trading;
- Brokering (set by the auction method percent of the funds to be used in margin trading);
- Non-margin trading.

Trades consider several ways to provide orders execution, which fee doesn't exceed 0.1% (as market maker) and 0.2% (as market-Taker). Input/output with 0% fee is possible through: Bitcoin, Ether, EtherClassic, Zcash, Litecoin, TeetherUSD. Another way of funding and withdrawal is a bank transfer (0.1% both for deposit and withdrawal, in the case of express-withdrawal is charged with 1% of the amount). Referral system exists for those who attract new users that provides a discount of 10% on trading operations.


The company founded in 2011, is one of the largest exchanges in the world cryptocurrency. Bitcoin turnover per day is more than 18 000 units. This exchange controls about a third of the total Bitcoin cryptostocks.

Stock market owners are constantly working to improve the user interface, new users attraction and security.

Three currencies are available for trade: US dollars, euros and Bitcoin. Deposit / Withdrawal can be done by means of European transfers (SEPA), international transfers, online services Ripple, Bitcoin and AstroPay.

Those users who carry out commercial transactions are obliged to pay a fee in the amount of 0.5%. The percentage drops to 0.15% as the turnover grows. market is a platform for Litecoin and Bitcoin e-currency trade (BTC / USD and LTC / USD pairs). The company is registered in Panama.

Trade process is protected with encryption and certificate to assure further security. User Verification is required only if you enter the amount exceeding 1,000 euros or dollars.

Deposits and withdrawals can be carried out using the following services: AdvCash, OKPAY, Perfect Money, Payeer and BTC-E. Deposit / Withdrawal is recommended to perform via certified partners, just like Fees for funding and withdrawal are charged at a rate of up to 4% depending on the type of deposit and the payment system used.


BTC-e web platform was formed in 2011 and currently is one of the five largest stock exchanges by the total number of commercial transactions. There is no verification system of user.

Main trading activity lies in carrying out digital money exchange of BTC, LTC, ETC to USD, EUR and RUR.

Deposit in the sytem is free of charge, however the fees are taken for withdrawal. For each cryptocurrency 24H withdrawal limit is set.

Deals on all trading pairs are carried out considering the fee of 0.2% except the pair of USD / RUR for which the commission is 0.5%.

It is possible to trade with leverage, using the MT4 software.

Recent changes has been implemented in all these stock markets in order improve the security system of BTC exchange, that is related to the recent events touched Bitfinex and BitStamp, These platforms have lost substantial sums as a result of fraud by hackers. Despite the losses, the exchanges continue their activities, using the experience gained in order to provide higher quality and more secure services to the users.