Affiliate program

Registration Link Bonus
Register on our website and receive a referral link automatically. Place the link on different websites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc. Receive a profit from each transaction made by your referrals.

Attraction of clients Affiliate program has 4 levels. Transition on the new level of the affiliate program occurs automatically, upon reaching the lower bound of profit that was received with the help of the affiliate. The more partners you attract, the more profit you have.

Table of affiliate program levels::

Common benefit Affiliate deduction
< 1000 7.00
1000 - 5000 9.00
5000 - 15000 11.00
> 15000 13.00

WithdrawYou can withdraw from the affiliate account when your amount is more the 1 USD. You can withdraw funds via Webmoney, Perfect Money, BTC-E, OKPAY and Payweb.

Advertisment Placement of our advertising materials is appreciated. You can find our advertising materials inside your account, in the Affiliate program section.

AttentionPay attention! Violation of rules of Affiliate Program may result into cancellation of Affiliate bonus or freezing of account. The Service is entitled to change terms of the Affiliate program unilaterally without the notice to the Customer.

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